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Streamline and simplify everything at work with comprehensive human resource management solutions from Tecstub

HR and administrative responsibilities can tax any company. As businesses put more of a premium on increasing productivity and creating a better employee experience, much of the work falls on HR. Major challenges range from performance monitoring to managing the workforce and automating repetitive tasks.

Tecstub’s Human Resource Management Solutions are equipped with intelligent automation to help businesses drive productivity. Built for businesses of all sizes, our solutions cover policy & compliance, payroll & performance management, and automating access and shift management tasks.

Our Offerings

Tecstub’s Human Resource Management Solutions bring efficiency and simplicity to all mundane HR tasks. This comprehensive suite of HRMS offerings will help you manage and optimize employee access and asset management policies, increase compliance and improve productivity at large!

  • Policy & Compliance
  • Performance Management
  • Access Management
  • Shift Management
  • Payroll Processing
  • Analytics & KPI Reports

Technology Stack

  • Development Platforms
  • Database
  • Cloud Tech
  • Architecture
  • Development Platforms
  • magento
  • laravel
  • flutter
  • swift
  • nodejs
  • graphql
  • angularjs
  • Database
  • mongodb
  • firebase
  • mysql
  • redis
  • dynamodb
  • elasticsearch
  • Cloud Tech
  • aws
  • ml
  • docker
  • jenkins
  • git
  • Architecture
  • microservice

Why Tecstub

  • Client First

    We always put ‘You’ first. Through shorter and quick feedback loop, we ensure your needs at always met. We make your success, our priority.

  • Our People

    With a rare mix of industry, technology & project management expertise, we bring the most complete team to the table.

  • Outcome-driven

    We work on things that add significant value to you. It’s not on our tasklist if it has no outcome tagged to it.

  • Delivery Excellence

    We ensure excellence through agile delivery process and fine-tuned through years of delivering to global brands.

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