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Intelligent digital commerce solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

At TecStub, we help you harness the value of your data to optimize various processes and automate operations, transforming the customer experience and reducing costs.

Our expertise in integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into solution development has helped businesses work smarter and transform their business.


  • Big Data Engineering

    AI/ML-enabled solutions that provide deep insights into user behavior and process optimization, promising continuous growth.

  • Cognitive Computing

    AI-powered vision, speech, and search services that elevate in-store cognition for deep data capture.

  • Recommendation Engine

    Boost sales and improve customer experience by recommending products generated using customer data on the fly.

  • Chatbots

    Deploy smart chatbots that not only understand the customer but also your process workflows.

  • AI-enabled Analytics

    Fruitfully record user engagement inside the applications using smart IoT devices backed by ML.

Use Cases

  • 01Retail & eCommerce
  • 02Logistics
  • 03Financial Services
  • 04Healthcare
  • 05Hospitality

Retail & eCommerce


Boost sales by recommending the product combos and decrease customer service costs by deploying chatbots.



Leverage AI & ML to optimize the supply chain, make quicker decisions, and increase operational efficiency.

Financial Services


Increase sales by enabling your sales team with data-backed insights and strengthen your bottom line by detecting defaulters and frauds.



Provide efficient and personalized care by integrating and leveraging data from multiple sources.



Provide exceptional customer experience, and improve inventory management by leveraging the insights generated from integrated data infrastructure.

Why Tecstub

  • Client First

    We always put ‘You’ first. Through shorter and quick feedback loop, we ensure your needs at always met. We make your success, our priority.

  • Our People

    With a rare mix of industry, technology & project management expertise, we bring the most complete team to the table.

  • Outcome-driven

    We work on things that add significant value to you. It’s not on our tasklist if it has no outcome tagged to it.

  • Delivery Excellence

    We ensure excellence through agile delivery process and fine-tuned through years of delivering to global brands.

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