Software Integration

Organizations are promptly funding a combined portfolio of evolving technologies with a sudden emphasis on digitalization. The requirement and urge to obtain operational excellence with nil compromises on legacy systems, complicated IT environs, and fragmented technology segments are where enterprise integration comes to play. Furthermore, it helps to tackle the technology authorized business transition to transform into a digital business model.

At TecStub, we offer end-to-end integration services. Our services associates and connects disparate technology applications and products by streamlining business connectivity and IT smoothly.

Holding a service-oriented architecture and an advisory approach, TecStub boosts the implementation of application integration with reduced costs and risks.

Flourishing in the field of delivering excellent market-leading services and solutions, we extend complete assistance to our clients to modify and transform the procedures and information system investments to help them build cut-throat differentiators.


Methodologies and architecture we use:

  • SOA-based (Service-oriented architecture) integration:

    At TecStub, we modify your system into a group of reusable components, easily scalable and sloppily coupled like the microservices and the web services that communicate:

    • On a point-to-point basis that implies direct connection via API calls.
    • Through middleware components Usually, a message broker that initiates a supplementary abstraction layer to bear the entire accountability for transformation, the message transmitting, and routing.
  • Shared database – Here, diverse applications access data from one single data store.
  • RPA (robotic process automation): This is where the software copies and emulates the human involvement and interactions with the computer system.

What we offer

At TecStub, we offer brilliant software integration services thereby focusing on building brand new business ethics and values along with enhancing the IT infrastructure. We render custom development, tech advisory, software solution integration, and personalized and ready-made APIs.
  • System Integration Consulting

    Being a system integration company, we hold robust expertise in serving ERP integration services, enterprise content management(ECM), and customer relationships management(CRM).
  • Service-Oriented Architecture

    Delivering service-oriented architectural solutions and services, we offer improved flow of information, seamless and flexible configuration, state-of-the-art integration abilities, etc.
reliable system integration services 1
  • Data integration

    TecStub builds and plans modern data warehousing solutions along with renovating your current DWH systems following the present end-user needs and business logic.
  • API integration

    TecStub renders custom API development and ready-made solutions integration for a vast range of business functions and applications for intensifying effective productivity and workflow.
  • Payment Gateway Integration

    Our payment gateway integration services provide extensive scale up to multiple industries for incorporating the modern and latest technologies in your existing applications.

Advantage of Integrated System

There are huge benefits of using integrated business software applications. A company that grows rapidly can become implicated in the web of complicated software applications comprising inventory management, accounting, and financial consolidation systems.

While integrated software applications need direct investment, they fabricate remarkable returns when paired with accurate third-party integration tools. At TecStub, we offer you with,

software integration

01Real-time visibility:

At times organizations can never view their entire business in real-time.Integrated software applications will save you countless hours invested in tying the outdated information together giving you real time visibility.

02Lower IT costs:

Regular IT departments invest or rather waste a huge amount of time, money, and energy in updating the business applications and systems. With integrated software applications, IT professionals will be able to concentrate on the strategic and planned schemes that add up to the bottom line of the company.

03Lower customer churn:

For attaining an exceptional customer base, it is important to provide an exceptional customer experience. With TecStub’s integrated software system, you provide a seamless customer experience thereby satisfying your customers.

04User-driven innovation:

Each alteration, change, or modification can be incorporated real quick while using the integrated software applications. Regular users can indicate the issues coming up in terms of performance. Consequently, your organization can build tailor-made workflows that assist in effective and improved performance.

05Strong expertise:

Holding years of expertise in this field, our skilled and dedicated team of experts will help you achieve professional consulting on your incorporation or integration project regardless of the nature and size of the business.

06Predicted outcomes:

At TecStub, we are dedicated and adhered to a fine delivery process to make sure that our clients receive their project at the accurate time and spec within the budget.