• Introduction

    TecStub provides qualitative products by delivering software testing and quality assurance servies for not only mobiles but desktop applications also. Our professional experts are always available to serve dedicated support and consistent feedback. They work closely with your team to develop an end to end process that works quickly. Through our constant services, we ensure you quality at speed and secure online assistance. To facilitate a quality product in the smoothest manner, we ensure that our testing service encompasses everything from performance, functionality and automation to localization or reversion. We use the best tools namely approach and framework so that the risks are reduced up to great extent and the time is extended for marketing purposes.

Why Quality Assurance ?

Quality Assurance mainly covers everything that is particularly and collectively impacting the process of quality control in any given product or service. Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) are generally used jargons for referring to the different ways of assuring the quality of a particular product or service. For all products and services, development is considered as a standard process of inspecting a product or service and then knowing about specific requirements to be met for the same.

How We Work: Our QA And Testing Approach

Our experiences of organizing QA Testing in the original and traditional way are redefined mainly because of our flexible approaches. There is a recommendation from our end to shift left testing and leverage majorly on IP’s, checklists, templates, and processes. This can be done along with the availability of huge and reusable repository of test cases across all the domains. Furthermore, we expect our approach to be hand-in-hand with your development plans and market needs too so that there can be faster time support to market.

For better results, we have come up with an idea of flex team size at your will and acceleration of the testing cycles with our IP’s. Our dynamic dashboards help in portraying detailed clarity on the products as it captures key metrics on the test coverage, efficiency, and resource optimization.

  • User Evaluation

    First of all, our experts start with documentation generation process. They understand and review the client’s requirements for achieving clarity, consistency and executability. The team prioritizes the model on every iteration.

    Create a Blueprint

    The test plan acts as a blueprint enabling software testing activities as a defined process. The test manager monitors and controls the test plan minutely.

    Prepare Test Cases

    The performance of the test conditions is determined while designing test cases. Once the test cases are designed, the next step is finding test conditions and building scripts and data.

    Build Units & Integration Tests

    To measure the accuracy of individual units of code, our experts in testing build units and integration tests.

    Executing test cases

    By using automation tools correctly, the execution of test cases is done. The most valuable test cases are supposed to be executed first.

    Exploratory Testing

    When the required documents are not available or partially available, exploratory testing comes into play to find out more bugs than normal testing.

Our Software Testing Services Include

We, as one of the leading software testing companies in India, commit to serve the best quality to our customers. Our desktop, web and mobile app testing teams thrive to improve cost effectiveness and detect errors way before so that worktime can be reduced at the initial stages of the product life cycle. Furthermore, there is unbiased assessment of the quality of applications with the help of manual and automated testing.

  • Software Testing Lifecycle

    Before the production phase starts, functional testing focuses on ensuring stability, reliability and functionality of any given product or service. Each and every phase of software testing lifecycle is foolproof, well-planned, and aptly executed.

  • Test automation

    Test automation involves test case feasibility report, test automation plan, recommendations for framework and regression test results.

  • Performance Testing

    Performance Testing is carried out to promise faster and error free performance issues by validating speed, scalability, and

  • Software Testing Lifecycle

    Testing the security of all applications should be the priority. Security Testing is done to uncover vulnerabilities within any system and safeguard it from all the possible threats.

Why Choose TecStub as your QA Partner?

QA Leaders

We have designed flexible and scalable delivery models suiting your utmost requirements. Our hybrid-built models help and benefit clients and helps in ROI. We have earned the status as the most trusted QA leaders across globe.

QA Experts Knowledge

Our experts have specialized in Quality Assurance Domain and software testing skills. They have hands on experience on the tools that help in security testing methods.