TecStub Insurance Solutions

Are you aware that TecStub’s banking and finance solutions can help your business with the online payment systems, transaction processing and much more? We ensure to keep you up-front in the competitive market. Our professional experts will ease your complexed process into a seamless and real-time solution.

We have been serving government, private and public sectors with the best strategies that can increase the operational efficiency of the business. Not only this, we also help in maintaining cost leadership, reduction in costs, generation of better profits and much more. Let us transform your internal processes into an extraordinary one that can match the market standards.

Challenges in Insurance:

Integrating Real Time Data to Make Informed Decisions

Managing Customer Data

A lot of business intelligence ideas and analytics are required if you are willing to manage and store huge chunks of customer data.

Accessibility & Customer service

Smartphones have changed the way of dealing with money. The biggest challenge is to safely use financial data and information. Thus, people prefer choosing different convenient methods to handle their bank accounts.


Regulations can impact the innovation and diversification if they care ineffective and costlier for the bankers. They may find it really difficult at times.

Technology Risk

Banks often fail to invest in secured systems can be beneficial for their digital systems and mobile banking too. They fear more about the cyber-attacks. Additionally, competitors offer quite more affordable options through multiple channels.

Bond Well with Insurance Agency Software

  • Technology Consulting

    Our technology consultants work with the clients closely and help them in transforming the way technology works.

  • Seamless System Integration

    System integration is the process where new features of an application are added without resulting in any complications.

  • Modernizing Legacy System

    Legacy modernization means updating some or all of your IT systems to support business goals and processes in a better way.

  • Tailored Insurance Application

    We provide tailored insurance applications to our clients so that we can help them in meeting their business goals efficiently.

Major Use Cases of Advanced Analytics in the Insurance Industry

  • Detection of Fraudulent

    Data science technologies help in recovering huge number of losses that the insurance companies suffer. Such technologies help in detecting frauds, phish claims and other unusual activities.

  • Detecting and Mitigating Risk in Real Time

    Want some help for your volatile risk environment? Our Advanced analytics can help you in conducting real analysis by obtaining minutest details from your business.

  • Personalizing Marketing Strategies & Targeting Specific Customer Groups

    To gain extracting insights, personalization can help a lot. Use advanced analytics to ensure appropriate experiences.

  • Influencing Customer Behavior

    If you want to influence customer behavior, the best way is to use latest analytical tools. For example, to motivate customers to use fitness tracking devices, the health insurance companies can offer attractive discounts.

  • Lifetime Value Prediction

    Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is used to find out consumer’s profitability for the business. The forecast for consumer buying and retention can also help up to some extent.

  • Claims Prediction

    Predicting the events is all that an insurance industry does. We can help you in mitigating business risks and recovering your financial losses through effective pricing models.

How TecStub Delivers Business Value

Looking for a reliable and bug-free mobile/software system? Trust us and we will provide the best one for your business. We try our best to adhere to the customers’ expectations and try to fulfil them using latest technologies.

Cashing in with Banking & Finance Apps

If you want to fulfil your customers’ expectations, we can assign technical and skilled developers for your business. They will help you in providing seamless banking activities through smart phones or tablets.

Financial Enterprise Management

Looking forward to removing complexities in the workplace systems? Our consumer-friendly solutions can help your business with efficient mobility services.

Effective Data Utilization

We promise to deliver top-notch services to our loyal customers. We have consolidated big data tools and other necessary frameworks along with our up-to-the-mark solutions. This will ensure seamless money transfer and financing activities.

Continuous Support

Received your product on time? Great! We will continuously follow up and improve ourselves and our services to be the best of all in the competitive market.