How to Install Magento 2 On Wamp

How To Install Magento 2

Magento 2.0, the next generation open source E-commerce platform is discover the inner workings of magento , And how to built and open with modern technology. Get a deeper understanding on how to install magento 2 and for it designed for speed, extensibility and scalability. We have some steps here to magento 2 installation in your browser

Pre Requirement


Composer is required on your system for install magento 2. If your system doesn’t have composer then click on this link Get Composer-Setup.exe and download and install on your system

Server / Database / PHP

Make sure your wamp server 2.5 or higher apache version higher then 2.2 and mod_rewrite enable, MySQL version 5.6 or higher and PHP version 5.5 and higher. You must enable list of extension in php.ini
  • php_pdo_mysql
  • php_mbstring
  • php_xmlrpc
  • php_xmlrpc
  • php_curl
  • php_xsl
  • php_soap
  • php_intl
  • php_openssl

Download Magento 2

Download source from there Download Magento and if you need sample data then also download sample data from same link.
  1. Extract Downloaded file and move to WWW folder in wamp server.
  2. Open phpmyadmin(http://localhost/phpmyadmin) then create blank data base.
  3. Open your browser and type http://localhost/your-folder
Step-1 : Click on Agree And Setup Magento
How To Install Magento 2
If you see any error like.. { PHP Settings Check PHP Extension Check } Click Here For Solution
Step-2 :Click on next button
Installing Magento 2
Step-3 : Enter require information
  • Enter database server host name, we install on local server then enter host name is localhost(default).
  • Enter database username, if you install on local server then enter username is root
  • Enter the password if you have or leave blank.
  • Enter database name (your created in just before step 1).
  • Table prefix is optional.
Magento 2 Installation
Step-4 : Fill all details and click next step ( Magento generates admin path uniquely but also you can edit your admin path from here.. )
Magento 2 Installation Steps
Step-5 : Configure Time Zone , Currency , Language then click Next
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Step-6 : Fill up admin account detail and click Next
Magento Web Design Company
Step-7 : Click on Install Now
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Step-8 : After installing you will see a success page in your screen then open your store address link and magento admin address link
Magento Web Development
Step-9 : Magento 2 home page, cool ! finally your magento 2 store is ready.
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Step-10 : Magento 2 admin panel
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