TecStub Healthcare IT Solution

Healthcare is transforming into a profitable care and inventive payment model thereby enhancing all the clinical and operational proficiencies to attain fine patient outcomes. Challenged by the elevated costs, ill-suited remuneration practices, and data security, we at TecStub have got you covered.

Equipped with a phenomenal team of healthcare functional professionals and technologists, TecStub offers cut-edge digital healthcare products and solutions to its clients globally.

TecStub aims to offer proven and high-quality service/solutions to offer you excellent insights. These insights help you to reduce costs, enhance the outcomes and help make better decisions rapidly.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Managing Data

    Adapting tools along with technology eradicates data crises that take place due to storage problems. TecStub uses the best tools to manage data.

  • Trust Gap

    Corruption in terms of drug prices is creating a gap in consumer’s trust. TecStub builds a bridge between customers and medical stores with the latest technology solutions.

  • Online Reputation Management

    Customer feedback and response creates a huge impact on the online reputation. TecStub works on maintaining the online reputation with response to new technology.

  • A surge in cost for services

    With the evolution of technology, the expenses of medical facilities are growing rapidly. TecStub helps to leverage the medical costs so that people of lower economic status can benefit from it.

  • Thrive for innovation

    Updating the current healthcare software solutions, TecStub introduces smart device solutions and digital advancements to drive a better IT experience.

  • Reducing Cost

    To build the lost trust of customers, medical facilities must reach people of all statuses. At TecStub, we ensure that the cost is reduced by implementing excellent health software solutions.

  • Patient Care

    Customers are more likely to stick with the healthcare system that offers a good experience. By implementing excellent healthcare IT solutions, TecStub helps you to retain customers for a longer period by building strong relations.

  • Fitness Awareness

    By creating awareness towards the health of a person, TecStub builds exceptional Mobile health solutions thereby helping people to keep an eye on their health and manage it better.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Compared to past years, new AI and machine learning technologies help businesses to obtain information faster. Helping the medical industry to leverage the insight, data, and analytics, TecStub helps you to enhance your solutions and services.

How We Help Organizations Build IT Solutions with our Healthcare IT Services?

Incorporating the finest practices, we at TecStub build market-leading products facilitating the digital healthcare industry. Our cue logic professionals offer you solutions ranging from initial consulting to incorporating, testing, delivering, and supporting to meet the objective of providing top-notch patient care. With the excellent IT staff of TecStub, its wide customer support, and managed IT services, you can rest assured that your IT environment is performing better.
  • Healthcare Product Development

    TecStub builds updated healthcare products that meet the current industry regulations and standards. With us, you can stay a step ahead in delivering task-driven and value-based solutions thereby boosting patient outcomes and lowering costs.

  • Modernization,Migration,and Maintenance

    Updating the current system and infrastructure is essential to drive better patient outcomes and engagement. With us, you get to modernize your legacy systems by modifying and refactoring the architecture and UX.

  • Healthcare Data Integration & Interoperability

    TecStub implements a standardized form of data exchange to ensure interoperability between several data formats to interpret it accurately. Furthermore, you can incorporate data from patient claims, labs, records, clinical trials, and financials while attaching to standards like DICOM, HL7, NCPDP, FHIR, CCDA, QRDA, ICD 10.

Why Choose Us?


TecStub provides healthcare portal development along with several features that enable you to monitor and handle all your activities at once.

Data Collection and Privacy

TecStub provides medical software development services that make use of analytics solutions thereby helping you to figure out the activities and health data of your patient. This further makes your services highly precise and accurate.

Wearable Technology and Cloud

TecStub implements security, agility, and scalability in your service and work management that further provides you with cut-edge technologies. With it, you can install smart devices, IoT, and healthcare application development solutions in your processes.

Patient Personalized Solutions

Our software solutions and healthcare application development enables you to monitor the critical data of your patient to provide them with user-friendly and customized solutions on the web portals and mobile applications.