• ERP-Development

    TecStub is one of the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software development companies in India. We have highly professional and highly skilled ERP software developers in our team to help you with every ERP services you need. We provide all types of ERP software solutions, ERP service providers and also web-based ERP software solutions. Moreover, we provide these services at very affordable prices to everyone. ERP services consist of two parts – internal as well as external managing of information along with financing, manufacturing, sales, CRM and so on.

Why do you need ERP Software Development? Benefits of TecStub ERP

Nowadays, the functional units of any business require inter functional data flow for decision making and efficient procurement of product parts and management of inventory. The cloud ERP software allows companies implementing information systems and
integrated systems.

  • Real Time Information:

    We provide real time information which helps in decision making for business.

  • Higher Productivity

    Let’s stop wasting time on redundant entries and focus purely on business goals.

  • Improved Collaboration

    You will be able to view, edit and share data together with the team.

  • Better Analytics

    We help you in converting information into knowledge through various Analytical tools and technologies.

  • Regulatory Compliance:

    We are just a click away. We can help you with regulatory compliance and generate related documentation.

  • Strong Security

    We provide security to our clients by safeguarding sensitive data insafe hands

Our ERP development process

  • Preparation for implementation :

    The first stage involves consulting, identification of scope and modules needed. We offer an ERP solution after deep analysis based on needs and requirements.

  • Configuration :

    We use two-tier development approach. We help in concentrating core business operations in one common system.

  • Customization :

    We help in incorporating your business rules with various customization and configuration options and then deliver the best ERP feature set for you.

  • Extensions, Data Migration etc :

    ERP development process involves migrating from older system to new system. Data integration team can help with the migration and extension process.

  • User Training :

    User training improves the productivity and accuracy of work of the organization.

  • Support :

    The support platform helps in solving queries and complex business needs of the organization for better results.

Our Best ERP Services Include

ERP Implementations

We help in implementing servers, security, data management solutions and custom networks throughout the company with data integrity maintained perfectly.

Developing Custom ERP

At Tecstub, we build custom functionality to meet your business requirements. We can help you in automating workflows, solutions modification, collaborating data imports or exports and so on.

Tailored Solutions

We are here to automate critical processes and customize ERP solutions in order to create improved and scalable ERP systems in the enterprises.

Coherent Integration Services

Tecstub uses centralized architecture of fully integrated business IT environment and promises scalability of the business by showcasing real time data in between the systems automation.

ERP System Configurations

We arrange ERP software along with specific roles, fields and business intelligence. We also help in enhancing interfaces and adding specific fields and so on.

Customizable Dashboards

You can customize the design and program of your own for the dashboards. We help in predictive analysis, decision support, KPI tracking and performance scorecards.

Expert ERP Consultants

We help in analyzing your current business trends and identify incompatibilities. We formulate strategies then and convert critical ERP software into converged infrastructure.

Data Warehouse

We also help in data warehousing techniques by extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) all the information from relevant sources and set up nodes for data aggregation

Powerful Reporting

Our skilled professionals help in preparing reports for real-time queries. These data-intensive reports containing detailed charts and graphs help in data visualization.